Thanks to God for Ebay

We all have different things that sooth us when we are feeling the tickle of depression coming on. Now, I am talking about the kind of depression that is characterized by not only sadness but mostly its emptiness, nothingness, fear, nervousness, anger, shyness, ocd, and so much more. Its a smorgasbord of fun and exciting spices that make each depressed person’s a unique stew.

Thats where EBAY comes in. I have a few things in this wold I just like looking at, holding in my hand, or thinking about. Now, being a 40 something male that usually draws the average mind to some kind of deeply biological sex thing. Not for me. For me its cameras and watches.

When I get all tense and worried I can scroll through a couple quadrillion porcelain faced watches or thousands of Leicas, Zeiss, and vintage cameras. I know its crazy but it calms me down. Just looking at them, researching how they work, so fourth and so on. Now, this might sound like fodder for those, “just think differently” idiots who don’t understand mental illness. EBAY does not CURE it, I am just pacified for a short time. To cure my mental problems I need some care and drugs that help manage my neurotransmitters.

I sometimes buy the cameras but I have a rule to keep myself from going broke: the camera must be under $10 lock stock and barrel and no more than one camera a week.  If you look at it as much as I do you would be surprised at what you can get for ten bucks. I have a staggering number of awesome cameras but with no real deep investment. However, the calming effect is well worth the cost.

I have not gone wild on watches however. None of the watches I like will ever be in the $10 bin no matter how often you check.

Again, I am grateful for the distraction. I hope it never becomes a problem. I look for a day when I don’t need distractions to get me through.

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