Every test points in the same direction

It may seem as if I don’t post very much and that would be true. However, I write all the time. The number of draft posts are probably rivaling the number of actually published posts. I get started, distracted, then the mood/time is over.

Anyway, I have taken just about every depression inventory you  an take. In fact I made a day of it and took about nine. Their scales were different but they all either said “severe depression” or “a good candidate for depression” depending on the scale. Now, I know that I have a depression blog, depression twitter, and it seems like I a well aware of my own issues. However, in the back of my mind I always feel like I am just over reacting or maybe I am just thinking wrong. I know that’s the advice you get and sometimes I wish it were true. I was not expecting all the tests to be exactly the same and all so positive. None of them, not one, was on the borderline. They all said the same thing, ” this guy has issues.”

Well, I guess there is a comfort in conformation, too. Just, dang, you don’t have to all sing the same tune so clearly.

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