This is not necessarily a bad thing, but, on my meds my dreams are weird. Now first, in full disclosure, I already had weird dreams.  My dreams are crazy high detail and complete stories from beginning to end.

There is a quality to my dreams that let me know that I am dreaming. I am often aware that I am dreaming and all that comes with that. However, on drugs the dreams are SO vivid and real. Sometimes, I would argue they are more real than reality.  Still very complete and still amazing in content.

I kind of like the intensity of the dreams. I like that larger than life realism and such. But, they are not restful. I do wake up like I have put on a big production and its now time to sleep.  I guess it takes lots of brain processing power to make these dreams and I have to pay for it in the morning. Most of the time its worth it.

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