Its not all bad, really.

Hello weary web traveler. I just want to make it clear that not everyday is bad or tumultuous. Some days are just normal. Some days are meh. Some days are explosive emotional moments where its hard to even think. Some days are trials in irritability.  Some days my mind is so disconnected it like watching a person with depression.

I am adjusting to a new medicine which is why I think its all over the place these days. On the previous medicine is was, “regulated” but the world was just meh. Never anything other than meh. Birthday, meh. Car wreck, meh. Some one saying they love me, meh. On fire, meh. So, having a few emotions has been nice. However, we need to dial it in a bit better. But for now, I am on an emotion vacation. Weeee.

But, as I was saying before I bird walked off the subject, most days are good. Most days are just a normal person doing normal things. Boring blog stuff though. As a result, I don’t tend to write about normal days just days when stuff is going awry.

So, please do not be fooled into thinking most days are bad. Most are ok, I just dont write about them.


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