A different day’s after meh.

So, the 40 mi/hr remnants of Irma rolled through our neck of the woods, literally. My house is completely surrounded by tall large trees. The winds bent them around every which way. By morning’s light our yard looks like a post tornado debris field. My car was almost completely camouflaged under limbs, leaves, etc. As well as the road I had to drive on. It is a huge mess.

All day I worried about my family and my 1000mi/hr mind kept making plans on how to handle this or that. After awhile I noticed I was in a full shrug which I held for most of the day. So I spent the day sharply tense and full of coffee. Now, I am a little PSTD. I am in from flinching and I just want to cry and let out a days bottled emotion. Shit.

Now, I am at work and I hear sirens, chainsaws, and all the post storm noise you usually hear. I really need a drink and a nap. maybe two of each.



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