The day after’s meh.

Now, its a day after an episode. The whole thing started with being hot. Not the good kind of hot but the sweating in the bed kind. Whenever I have those hot flashes the panic attack is not far behind.  The next morning the panic attacks started. It sucks but I have done it so much that I can stand there with a smile on my face and just be on fire inside.

So I wondered the earth with my artificial face on and the world did not even notice. When I got home I felt like I was 1000 degrees. I sat in the air condition with the fan going and just could not cool down. Usually hot flashes are the result of hormonal changes and this my be no exception. Its that pairing with panic attacks that sucks. Anyway, I took a bath then bam. I felt normal (well normal temp, anyway).

When these episodes are over I am worn out. It takes two days of strength to get through sometimes. I kissed the kids and hit the bed in single digits. Out solidly until the alarm this morning. I dont usually sleep that much in three days! Now I am rested I just feel, meh.


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