I know I am going to die on the steps of work.

At the work place I have to deal with some really unsavory characters. Which is odd because I work in the education/religion business and you would think those would be the most pleasant people, but, nope. Many people are nice, not to be such a blanket statement, but, there are a ‘effing metric ton of complete self serving militaristic assholes. No, really. Also, the amount of liars I have to deal with is staggering.

I digress.

Unlike other places I have worked this place hits you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You would think that the fake spiritualists would be my biggest problem but being strong in my faith allows that kind of crap to roll off my back. But helping those people be successful if what bugs me the most.

Most of my stress comes from work and the armchair social worker would say, “Just get another job.” Well, on the outset that seems like a great idea. And I would, in a heartbeat. However, here in the real world there are not many jobs at my pay and my seniority within 100 miles.

So I am kind of stuck behind a mortgage and bills and the need to pay them.

Back to the steps. I know most of my near explosions have been at work. now if I finally break it will be there.

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