This can’t end well

Sorry for the ominous headline. Its early and my headline engine is not firing properly. Every morning starts with me listening to music with my coffee and on my long commute into work. Usually, the music is all similar and somewhat representative of my mood for the day. The day started with “Pink Floyd” —> “Circle Jerks”—> “Black Flag” —> “Puddle of Mudd” —> “Grateful Dead”. What in all that is holy could cause that kind of playlist? Perhaps, it says my emotions are all over the place.

I know for someone without depression it is hard to understand why all the “feelings” talk and the seeming magnification of the smallest things that the average person shrugs off. Well, that, is the point. Its a shackle that makes everything you do have an extra (or two) layer(s) of logistics and strife. ¬†Imagine, if you will, getting up from the couch, going into the kitchen, and pouring a glass of milk. Easy. Now imagine getting up from the couch and getting punched squarely in the face. You fall back stinging and ringing from the shock. Now, try to get up again, then, another punch in the face. After awhile you have two choices: 1. give up or 2.try it again. So, you try it again and again until you can function through the pain and shock. Then the span from the couch to the kitchen is broken glass, rusty nails, and random ribbons of sharp metal. Your barefoot steps are all dangerous¬†and mostly end by slicing into you body by your own weight.

but, I digress.


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