Pills pills everywhere

Ok, so we upped the dose. All that seem to do was up the side effects and no real increase in effectiveness. After a few weeks I got up the gumption to text my doctor. (his office has a secure patient to doctor text system through a phone app) He changed my medicine from a SSRI (selective serotonin uptake inhibitor) to Venlafaxine which is SNRI (serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor). Now I am trying to balance two neurotransmitters.

Its night and day.

I immediately feel better than I have in months. It should take about 3 days to reach a steady state but I can tell its working.  It does have some side effects for me: my sleep pattern is all wacky, food tastes blah, crazy thirsty, and a little dizzy from time to time. However, its SOOO worth it. When I do sleep, I sleep like a friggin rock. I sleep less but I sleep better and therefore its much more restful. I tend to get sleepy in the middle of the day (its only been two days) but that will go away, I am sure.

Wow, I did not know how much better this was for me.  It was well worth it to finally tell my doc it was not working. I need to keep him in the loop more often.

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