Random drugs not working day

Ah, my old friend. Sometimes, for no reason I can tell, my medication does not work as well as it normally does.  My brain gets noisy again and I become very passionate about anything I am currently focused on.

Now, this is not bad. For me its been the norm for most of my life. Its hard to explain but imagine you have eight trains of thought going at a time. You can hear the entire cacophony of all that machinery running at the same time. The upshot is I can put all those threads of thought to work on a single idea. Then I can be drawing, coding, etc. and exploring other avenues or ideas while I am accomplishing the main task. Its like having a team on the project all in one mind.  Its very powerful. However, its emotionally and spiritually draining.

So today i have my old feelings back, my old brain noise, and I can find anything wrong with that. However, I know that the actual problem. Its not a good way to be and after the medicine kicks back in I will looking back on this with a WTF attitude. Right now, its just comfortable.


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