When the problem isn’t you.

Oh, dear readers. Trust me, I have issues – but – it isnt always me. Let me explain…

I work for a failing business and is basically run by a bunch of external managers and the people who come to work are 50% awesome people. However, the other 50% are back biting assholes. So, yesterday was a typical day of being helpful to shitheads and assholes. I left in my normal, “meh” mood that helps me survive this situation. I was stopped by a person who used to be a friend but we have drifted for “reasons.” He spewed lies and hatred for what he thought was someone else’s job not realizing he was talking about me. I nicely pulled up my phone and showed him the emails that proved he was wrong and that it was me he was spewing lies about. It did not even slow him down. Turns out he told dozens of people the same shit story that was a complete fabrication and 100% contrary to the truth. Met with the evidence he never skipped a beat and made up another lie! What the hell?

After 45mins of this shit I was beyond angry. I was almost trembling with anger and excused myself and went home. If people around my place told the truth instead of trying to manufacture drama then perhaps we could get stuff done. Instead, we are all pretending we are on some bullshit reality show. #$%%#^Y#@$

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