My youngest has been sick for just over a week.  She is on the mend and in good medical hands. However, she can’t sleep at night and, as a result, I don’t sleep at night. Of course, she makes up for it by sleeping during the day while I am at work.  Last week I had about 10 total hours of sleep. This week, its Wednesday, and I am up to six. I have fallen into this weird automatic mode of existence. I am just blearily stumbling from one place to the next, with almost no attention span, and no real direction.  My emotions are dumbed down unless you mean the feeling of having to cry.  I could burst into tears at any moment. (I have not shed a tear in two decades. I have a lot bottled up in there.)

My plan is to go take a nap and get ready for the night. I would not say I have lost the will to live, but, I have forgotten the will to live.  I am just exhausted. I hope, as she gets better, I get more sleep and can get back to normal.

Donga need sleep.

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