Today is a good example of nothing.

Its weird to say but today is a good example of nothing.  I am not happy, sad, bored, interested, here, there, or anything. Please understand I am not talking about it just being a, “Blah” day but a day of no feeling. Its like I am watching me live my life from the otherside of a blurry window.

This is not the same as just being bored. I just could not care even if I wanted to. I could not muster up passion for anything no matter how hard I tried.  I pray my significant other does not bring up relationship stuff tonight because it will seem like I don’t care. When in fact, I don’t care about anything.

Its not an immoral thing. Its not like, “I have nothing to lose” or “I don’t care what happens so lets go for broke.” those ideas actually take passion to work. Just because I am empty today does not mean I am dangerous. I just don’t care.

I know to some readers the idea of not being passionate seems normal. “Hey, man, sometimes I am not passionate about stuff. You just have to get through it some times.” To that I say, “First, get the hell off my blog. Second, when I am saying not passionate I mean ZERO not just low I mean ZERO. I am just empty inside. Its NOT the same thing.” I know passion will be back by morning and all I have to do is wait. But for now, I might just sit here.


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