Its 100 on the way to 110. Crap.

Sometimes there are little panic related moments. Sometimes, its just a little nervousness mixed with feeling like an effing oven.  Today, Was like that.  I had slight symptoms of a panic attack but felt like I was 1000 degrees. Usually, temp stuff is related to sex hormones and that makes sense in this case. Possibly, I will go into detail about sex and depression, but for now, its about just the hormones.  So, luckily the family was gone for the evening which allowed me the opportunity to sit there naked under the fan trying to not be on fire. After I finally cooled down I had that post panic attack feeling. Its not intense, however, there is this hallmark feeling afterwards that confirms it was related to an attack. I know in the big scheme of things it was a few uL too few of a neurotransmitter, however, to me its my whole world being rocked.

If I was not on medication this would have been a Massive Attack.  The medication lessens it to the point I was just “uncomfortable” not tortured. Its super manageable. I am so thankful that I am medicated! Why the heck did I wait so long to get help?  The hundreds of times this same event was pure torture could have been avoided.

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